Gemstones of Afghanistan
Gemstones of Afghanistan
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By Gary Bowersox

GEMSTONES OF AFGHANISTAN is the first comprehensive, fully-documented book on the geology, history, and lore of the gems and minerals of this war-ravaged crossroads between the Near East and the Far East.

GEMSTONES OF AFGHANISTAN features stunning color photographs, original maps, and geographic coordinates of significant mines. The authors have compiled a wide-ranging and thorough set of references that, like the book, will prove invaluable to jewelers, gem buyers, geologists, historians, and those who seek to make a careful assessment of the riches Afghanistan has to offer.

GEMSTONES OF AFGHANISTAN is the first complete reference on gemstones of Afghanistan - the results of 23 years of researching over 6,500 years of history.

Take this opportunity to learn about this hidden source of gems, their history, lore, and properties. A Smithsonian quality collection of gems, and our one-of-a-kind custom-made pieces are shown in this book - many of which are available for sale.


Gary Bowersox
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