The Gem Hunter
The Gem Hunter

By Gary Bowersox

This is the story of one man's endeavor to discover precious gems and to lead a life filled with loyal friends and extraordinary adventures. He finds it all in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan but not without risking his life. In this book, Gary W. Bowersox spins his tale of discovery -- both introspective and worldwide. Along the way he encounters danger and intrigue and as he builds lasting friendships. This book (complete with 253 photos, maps, and figures) is a must read for anyone interested in Afghanistan, gems, geography, travel, and or U.S., Middle Eastern, or Central and South Asian politics.

This book is an excellent companion volume to "Gemstones of Afghanistan," which is the first comprehensive, fully-documented book on the geology, history, and lore of the gems and minerals of this war-ravaged crossroads between the Near East and the Far East.



Gary Bowersox
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