The ICA Newsletter is a monthly e-zine chock full of gemstone news. Including reports from the country Ambassadors, industry news, the latest from auctions and laboratories worldwide, events and exhibitions in the trade and celebrities donning the best jewelry creations.

What is the ICA Newsletter?

The ICA Newsletter is a monthly e-mail blast from the world headquarters of the ICA, covering the most current gemstone industry news. The ICA Newsletter is just one of the many communication tools we use to speak to our global membership in a timely manner about the happenings within our industry, the colored gemstone business. As an ICA member - or one who has subscribed - you receive the ICA Newsletter once a month through direct e-mail.

What information will I receive when subscribed?

Whether it’s a feature from one of our international Ambassador’s reporting on their local gem industry, first-hand photos from an international gem & jewelry show, or a news item from one of the many industry magazines, the ICA Newsletter is packed with a variety of gem business news. Serious as well as entertaining, there isn’t a month that goes by without some gemstone news worth passing along to you.

How is the ICA newsletter different from others?

We don’t simply fill up your Inbox with articles you could receive from other news sources. We are not a blog offering unsubstantiated opinion. We are a professional news report, with expert first-hand features, along with carefully vetted Gemstone Industry news items that could impact your business. 

Why should I subscribe to it? What’s in it for me?

If you are in the Gemstone business or just love gemstones, there will always be something here that you will find useful and enjoyable. We guarantee it! 


About Us

The ICA is a worldwide body specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry by advancing and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of colored gemstones.
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